Nature Republic Face Mask Review


When it comes to getting facials I tend to stay away from spas, or beauty salons because well I can’t afford it. I prefer a simple face-mask or some sort of homemade concoction. Asia has been churning out some pretty cool face-masks with cute packaging I might add. I went a store called Nature Republic, it’s a Korean cosmetic brand. Their face masks caught my attention. I bought two types of masks to try out.

So the first thing you will notice is the directions are in Hangul(Korean). There is a English translation and pictures to guide you but its not that hard to figure out.

There are an array of masks that are for different areas of concern. Anti-Aging, skin brightening, acne correcting, dark circles, the list could go on. So for a first time user of the brand I choose at random.

I ended up with the Olive oil Mask and Shea Butter Mask.

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My thoughts:
-The masks were heavy! because they were drenched in product.
-The masks smelled heavenly as soon as I opened the pack I could smell the product.
-My skin felt refreshed after using the product.

If I had to choose I would buy the Olive mask again.

Honey’s Note

I haven’t blogged in a few months. I honestly was thinking of deleting this blog but after seeing people actually still view this blog and like my past posts I think I’ll give this blogging thing another shot.

Thanks for the support !

-Love Honey.

Sailor Moon in my Hood

“Fighting evil by moonlight winning love by daylight “



Y’all know Sailor Moon came back right?

Okay this isn’t new.News about the a new Sailor Moon series was out for a while. Sailor Moon Crystal is finally here and currently airing in Japan. The series stresses it will stay true to the original story. Sailor Moon was my favorite anime as a child. I am excited to check out the new series. If that wasn’t enough the original anime is getting remastered with new subbing and dubbing. With all of the Sailor Moon talks there has been a boat load of Sailor Moon related merchandise.I may pick up a Sailor Moon plushie or blanket from F.Y.E or Hot Topic. In light of all this  Moon Madness I was inspired to add a little anime flare in my wardrobe. Hope these Sailor Moon inspired looks get you excited for the new series!

Sailor moon

If your interested in watching Sailor Moon Crystal click here to watch new episodes.I regret not taking care of my Sailor Moon merchandise. I was in the first grade when I first saw the show. I opened my Sailor Moon doll first chance I got and destroyed all the tiny parts. I only have a Sailor Mars and Mercury doll in the original box. With the new series and the 20th anniversary of the original new Sailor Moon merchandise is on the market. And I’m not talking only dolls and stationery but new products such as makeup and designer bags. Manufactures realize that the Sailor Moon fanbase did age over time; so they are creating products for fans of all ages.  I must admit I am interested in buying items from the 90s as well as the 2000s. Sailormoon Collectibles is a website that features all the latest Sailor Moon products. You don’t have to be a huge fan to appreciate all the cute merchandise.  If you want to buy any Sailor Moon products you can always hunt on Amazon or ebay but try stores such as F.Y.E or Hotopic as well as my favorite online store ShopJeen.

Sailormoon Collectibles Sailor Moon Collection


-Love Honey


Brows on Point: ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes

If you got nice looking eyebrows I take notice.
Eyebrows whether groomed or not can effect your appearance, I can attest to that. Everyone has their opinion on eyebrow maintenance. I get my eyebrows threaded. I’ll use tweezers to pluck the unwanted strands of hair. I never filled in my brows but after personally trying it, I was hooked. The only problem was what products to buy. I bought the Anastasia Brow pallet back in January.I wanted to return it or pass it on to my mom. After using is for about seven months I can say that  I’m glad I kept it. This pallet help change my brows. It’s incorporated into my daily routine. Even if I’m not wearing any makeup my brows must look on point.

The kit comes with tons of stuff.
-Brow Stencils
-Brow Wax Cream
-Brow Powder (two shades)
-Brow Eye shadow










I have notice people commenting on my brows, I also see a change in my appearance. I spent $40.00(USD) for the kit. This product is sold out at most makeup/beauty stores but you can get similar kits and products directly from Anastasia Beverly Hills website. If your more open to buying makeup on sites such as ebay and amazon there are listings for this product that is worth at least checking out.









Click the link here to visit the Anastasia Beverly Hills website.


#OOTD: Daisy Girl

Dress- Daisy print dress from Rainbow
Shoes-Royal blue flats
My younger cousin is graduating elementary school next week. Here is a look at her exit day outfit. Exit day is a mock graduation to prep students for the actual ceremony, sometimes awards are given on this day. The event was causal, so this floral print dress was perfect. She paired it with a red belt to add a pop of color. I still think she is eleven I can’t believe she is graduating.


Nails or Mini Artwork?

924989_271532433029559_1468838081_nI got my nails done for my graduation. The shape is a first for me. I usually get claw(pointy nails) or a simple square shaped nail. This time I got coffin styled nails. If you haven’t figured it out the nail is shape like a coffin.

I don’t get my nails done often. I enjoy the occasional mani/pedi .When it comes to getting glitter, charms, and stones added I usually wait until a special event. I prefer getting acrylic or gel nails. My nail technician says both gel/acrylic are ultimately bad for your nail beds, hence why I don’t get them done often. I have a fondness for getting crazy designs and charms added to my nails.I have found some salons will charge hundreds of dollars for these glitzy nails. The most I’ve paid was $50.00(USD) and that’s including tip. I guess it really depends on the salon you go to.


Here some other deco nails I’ve done in the past.




Do you go to the nail salon often? What types of nails do you get? Please feel free to share your nail salon stories I’d love to read them!


#OOTD: A gown every girl should have

After four bittersweet years home girl earned a degree.
My Outfit
Forever 21- Neon beaded necklace, neon blue earrings.
Macy’s- Pastel tribal strap baby-doll dress (that’s a mouthful to say)
Traffic shoes- Black velvet gladiator sandals
I originally wanted to wear something white but I saw this dress and fell in love with the print. I wore sandals instead of heels because I fell a few days before and my knee was killing me.
On May 19, 2014 I graduated from Saint Peter’s University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. It was one of the most surreal and humbling moments in my life. Saying goodbye to my professors and classmates was bittersweet. Almost everyone had their cap decorated, I was no exception.
I felt proud of my best friend. We graduated high school and now college together, I know success awaits her.
My little cousins came to show support for me.
Me and my older brother.
And lastly one of many awkward photos with my parents.

What awaits me now? Not sure. If something does happen I’ll write a post about it!